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Leather Disc Necklace & Stud Sets

Leather Disc Necklace & Stud Sets

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Colourful fun handmade necklaces and matching stud sets. 
A piece of unique jewellery made sustainably using reclaimed leather.
Each necklace contains 3 hand cut pieces of genuine leather. Match it with your choice of stud. 

Add a pop of colour to your outfit. 

Length: 16” and each one is adjustable up to 18”. 
Materials: Silver plated chain and bezel discs and clasp. Each one has three pieces of colourful genuine leather. 
They come presented in an eco friendly GG Designs jewellery box.

Let me know in the comments which 3 colours you would like me to add to your necklace along with which colour stud you would prefer.

Choose from;

Hot Pink, hot pink shimmer, light pink shimmer, blue, blue shimmer, light blue, white, purple shimmer, yellow, mustard, dark orange, light orange, black, navy, dark green, lime green, red, maroon, tan, lilac, sage green, gold, leopard print.